Born and raised in Montreal, I was fortunate to spend a great deal of time in Quebec’s Eastern Townships. The slow pace of life in this rural setting was a welcome break from a busy life in the city. I realized as a young adult that this environment was where I felt most at home.

In 1993, we moved our family to Glengarry County in Eastern Ontario, an area rich with local history. Everything seemed to inspire me—a walk, a drive, or even a simple errand! I couldn’t help but admire the rolling hills, the farmland, the beautiful forests and wetlands, the St. Lawrence River, and the winding streams. I knew I was home.

We settled into our century-old farmhouse. Soon after, I opened a shop called The Cottage Blue in our renovated barn. We offered home décor, home furnishings and antiques. This is where my love of painting first grew. I started painting my folk art on anything I could recycle, repurpose or build. I had found my passion.

Well, time flies and 20 years later I still love to paint. My art has evolved over the past 20 years. I began painting landscapes inspired by my surroundings on wood panels and canvases. My media of preference are acrylic paints and oil pastels.

Painting is my passion and nature is my muse. My art is a response to nature observed.

I truly hope that my work brings the same joy to its viewers as it brings to me.

Thank you for your interest.

Deirdre Cuggy